The Renegade Broom

The broom revolution that's sweeping the nation.

Introducing the Camel Clip

The easiest way to manage all of your bulky bags

Camel Clip in Use

It Carries, It Stores, It Pours!

The Roo Gardening Apron

Gardening Just Got A Ton Easier With The Roo

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Manage all of your gardening in stride with the Roo!

The Roo apron makes light gardening a snap with its functional design you wear…

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The Renegade Broom is so much more than a broom!

With unique bristle design, no surface is too challenging for the Renegade Broom…

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The Handy Camel bag clip manages all your bulky bags!

Made from durable plastics, this sturdy bag clip will tightly seal virtually any size bag…

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My favorite feature of the Handy Camel is the handle.. It not only works easily to carry heavy bags, but also allows you to hang it up when not in use. 2012 American Royal BBQ champs Shiggin’ & Grinnin’

We raise pure breeds dogs. And naturally, we have a ton of dog food bags. The Handy Camel helps us to manage and keep fresh all that food, and also makes it easy to carry and pour!


We Are The Inventor’s Advisors & Lifeline

Trust your invention or innovation to us!

You know the saying, “been there, done that?” Well, wouldn’t it make sense to leverage the insights of people who have done what you want to do? That’s why we created the Ewe Invent Advisory Group, an advisory program for inventors to launch their products. We have experts in all areas of concept evaluation, manufacturing, development, distribution and fulfillment. Don’t fall into the trap of spending thousands upon thousands of your dollars, betting on a gut feeling or biased opinions. Trust us to give it to you straight and lead you to real success.

Amy and Tom Gray

Founders, The Handy Camel

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