To our dear customers, effective Dec 31, 2019, we will no longer be selling our bag clips.


thank you to all that purchased these clips & the numerous quality reviews we received! 

You can check out our other handy products on our shop page.

Moving forward, our team will be focusing more on our successful tv series, Make48, about the innovation process.

-The handy camel team


our handy range of products

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Renegade Broom

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Grout cleaner

Big clean up job? The Renegade Broom is designed like a rake to increase surface contact and make easy work of any dirty and dusty patio, garage or truck bed! Note: We only have the Broom Heads!

Dirty grout got you down?  The unique diamond blade shaves off a micro amount of grout revealing fresh grout.  Then seal it with the included grout sealing pen.  Cleaning your grout just got a whole lot easier!

the renegade broom

No surface is too challenging for the Renegade Broom!

we are the handy camel

Here at the Handy Camel, we’re all about innovation. We love unique products and gifts for homeowners that make chores less of a chore, which is why we feature products like the Renegade Broom that make work around the house or farm a breeze. Another one of our passions is educating the world about and supporting the innovation process, as showcased in Make48 competitions and the TV documentary series on PBS. Check it out here. We want to share our passion with the everyday people inside and out of our hometown of Kansas City! 

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