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featured product

This month we are featuring our signature product the Bag Clip!


Seal it up, carry it and store it away safely with the handy camel

handy camel bag clip

Giant Clip used for an assortment of large bags

Have pets? Love to garden? Own a small farm? Avid bird watcher? Then we bet you need a few of these in your life.  This handy clip reseals any large bag up to 50 lbs of pet food, kitty litter, farm animal feed, bird seed, BBQ smoker pellets, fertilizers, potting mix etc.  


our handy range of products

Curved Bristle Broom

Renegade Broom

Big clean up job? The Renegade Broom is designed like a rake to increase surface contact and make easy work of any dirty and dusty patio, garage or truck bed! 

Magnet Driver 600x600.jpg


This is a handy addition to any homeowners toolbox.  They allow the user to hold the screw they are installing in place while screwing.  

Giant Bag Clips sealing shut large bags

camel clips

Carry, store and pour all with the help of our ergonomically designed giant bag clip! Properly handle large bags of things like charcoal, fertilizer, and dog food until you are ready to easily clip, carry, and pour.

the renegade broom

No surface is too challenging for the Renegade Broom!

we are the handy camel

Here at the Handy Camel, we’re all about innovation. We love unique products and gifts for homeowners that make chores less of a chore, which is why we feature products like the Bag Clip that make work around the house or farm a breeze. We also have an awesome new fundraising program which privately labels bag clips for clubs like 4-H and local kids' sports teams! Another one of our passions is educating the world about and supporting the innovation process, as showcased in Make48 competitions and TV documentary series on PBS and we want to share our passion with the everyday people inside and out of our hometown of Kansas City! 


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