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July 29, 2019

Originally created in 2015 by Tom and Amy Gray, the Handy Camel manufactures products they license from inventors and designers, including the popular Bag Clip.  The company's origins began after they sold their company in Australia and needed a new product for the USA.  Due to their experience in the product industry (both Australia and the US) the Grays were often presented products from inventors, as well as from product companies from around the world. 

They had been presented the bag clip by a New Zealan...

July 10, 2018

Do you ever look for better ways to do things?  Ever find yourself thinking...I know if I were designing a product, I'd want to include this feature and this feature?

Well, meet the brainchild of an inventor couple who thought the same things during a 48-hour invention competition and documentary TV series called Make48.  They came up with a better way to keep your drains clear called the Heel Seal.  Sadie was tired of using harmful drain clearing chemicals or disgusting drain snakes.  Tumi knew there could be a better solu...

April 3, 2018

Today we have a special guest blogger, Ann Sanders from A Green Hand giving us some advice on our springtime gardening tasks.

Are you ready to see your garden bloom? Ready to smell fresh flowers all around? Do you want your spring garden to make others envious?  You need a complete checklist in your hand to prepare yourself for the entire spring.

We generally divide the spring into three breaks – early spring, mid-spring and late spring. The gardening differs in every spring break. Therefore...

October 17, 2017

I've had my bramble going for a good 4 years now.   Our kids love eating berries straight from the bush/cane and I love that.  During the last 2 years, I've been battling the dreaded Japanese Beetle and their destructive habits, especially on my blackberries.  I've tried a few things but will be doing more research over the course of the winter to come up with a better solution.   It's very disheartening to find them on the plants in astronomical numbers and ruining the fruit.

But, given that it is...

June 1, 2017

Oh June, how I love thee!   Why you ask?  Hydrangeas of course!  My Annabelle hydrangeas have started to bloom which makes me so happy.   My husband and I, with the help of his parents, planted a row of them 5 years ago when we landscaped the house.   They are in an area right off the patio and I can see them from our living room.  The big beautiful green and white blooms are showy and classic at the same time.  They make the perfect hedge and have always performed well.

It took me awhile to fi...

April 6, 2017

Ready. Steady. Grow!

Throughout fall and winter, our gardens are exposed to harsh elements (snow, sleet, rain).

Our flowers and trees go into a sort of hibernation until next spring!

However, preparing your garden for the onslaught of flowers of every color and leaves is incredibly important!

Following are some tips that will help even novice gardeners in preparing their little plot of garden for the coming spring.

First Things First – Clean Up

As the first step of preparing your garden for the spring, clean-up is important. Tak...

March 8, 2017

Gardening in the Midwest is a special kind of challenge; one that many locals take on enthusiastically. The climate here is quite unique, and this brings along a bevy of challenges and of course, opportunities found nowhere else in America.

The extreme climate of the Midwest can make it difficult for locals to look after their gardens, especially if they are new to the hobby.

It is important to pick garden plants that are resilient to the weather. Fortunately though, there are many beautiful plants that thrive perfectly well...

September 2, 2016

It's the best time to be an inventor! There are so many accessible pieces of equipment, technology and people willing to help spur your ideas into reality these days.

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