Whether you live in the country or a suburb, make sure YOUR next delivery gets into your hands and not the hands of porch pirates.  Use this product to protect EVERY delivery from theft & inclement weather!

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The delivery safe

The Delivery Safe is a temporary security system that protects delivered packages from theft and inclement weather.  When you are expecting a delivery, you simply lay The Delivery Safe on your doorstep, attach the anchor to the door and hang the delivery instructions on the door. When packages are delivered, the delivery person simply puts the packages inside The Delivery Safe and cinches it locked.  The Delivery Safe has a built in alarm system that will alarm should the bag or anchor cable be cut.  Protect your precious packages with The Delivery Safe!
In 2015, 23 Million packages were stolen off of front porches - don't let yours be one of the next.
The Delivery Safe is in it's final prototyping stage and the plans to start manufacturing are on target for 2018.  If you relate to this common problem, and wish to be notified when it is available for sale, please leave your email above!

already winning awards

The product is already winning awards!  The inventors of The Delivery Safe attended the INPEX show and received the Gold Medal in the Safety & Security category.