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Tom is proud of his connection with Make48 given his background in taking products to market. Tom is a judge on the show alongside industry professionals such as those from QVC, Indiegogo, Pivot International, Zuru, Squatty Potty, Amazon and more.  Once the winners are announced, Tom and his team takes the viewers on a behind the scenes education of the pitfalls most inventions face along the way as well as what the next steps are after you've created an invention.  You'll be able to watch the process of re-design and prototyping for manufacture, marketing products through video, getting bids and finding manufacturers to showcasing a product at a trade show.

Make48 TV series began airing in September 2017 on local PBS stations nationwide.  Check your local listings for dates and times for airing.  You can also view the episodes now on Make48's website as well as on Amazon Prime Video!  The team is currently hard at work planning Season 4's competition. We're excited to show you the invention process!

We believe in building a community around innovation and support the invention process from napkin design to building a prototype-all in 48 hours.