Garden Thorn-Subsurface Irrigation Spikes
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Create a stunning flower bed or prize winning tomatoes by keeping them watered the way they want!  Garden Thorns are a unique subsurface irrigation spike. They inject water down to the roots of your plants from a 5/8ths garden hose.

Worried about ruining your expensive hose? We recommend a medium duty garden hose-one you can get at a hardware store for $12-14 for 50 feet, so it won't break the bank. This hose will become part of your irrigation system.


  • Needle & tubing encased in plastic-so soil won’t clog them up
  • Subsurface irrigation-no run-off, long watering times or evaporation
  • Thirsty plants get the water they crave in 5 minutes
  • Easy to do it yourself-no need to hire a professional
  • Only water where you need it-not in blank spots in your garden where there aren’t plants, unlike a soaker hose
  • Ideal for use where water conservation is a priority.
  • Great way to water your plants while you're away by setting it up with a timer.

Garden Thorns are a new discrete way to water your plants cost effectively! You’ll cover up the hose with mulch just like you would with a drip system. And you’ll save time and money by watering directly to the roots. Be sure to check out our video link on the right side of the page. And be sure to check out our other handy products on our shop page!

Garden Thorn-Subsurface Irrigation Spikes

  • The Garden Thorn is the brain child of 6 inventors named "The Steel Table Group". Stan got to talking to his father about his travels to Israel and noticed how well their agricultural industry was flourishing in the middle of the desert. A country that is a major exporter of exotic flowers and tropical fruits "can’t happen by accident" in the desert. As the group went back and forth, Dale mentioned that it would be necessary that the product attach to a hose with little or no tools involved, and Stan introduced the needle. The team then spent months upon months prototyping and testing numerous version until the Garden Thorn design and performance was perfected.