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The Peel & Stick Sanding Glove solves the problems of conventional sanding options by placing the sand paper directly into your hand. The detachable sandpaper allows the user to easily change grits of paper yet still use the same glove multiple times. Package includes: Glove and 5 sand paper (2-100 grit, 2-180 grit and 1-220 grit). Medium glove is red color, Large glove is yellow color.


Use for drywall, decking, metal or wood railings, furniture or polishing rocks.  Or use to clean BBQ grates, tile grout, remove hard water stains or rust.  Can also be used for craft projects to rough up surfaces like gourds, canvases or sculptures!


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  • A New innovative way to sand
  • Patented sanding system has detachable die-cut sandpaper
  • Reusable Glove with replaceable sandpaper (also available)
  • Attached flexible barrier for heat resistance so it won't harm your hand
  • Molded hook and loop for stronger attachment
  • Makes your next sanding job a breeze

Peel & Stick Sanding Gloves

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