THIS IS THE BROOM HEAD ONLY!!!   We no longer have the handles in stock! carries European Threaded Handles that will work with this broom head.   You can order them here:  Due to COVID we are unable to obtain more handles for the remainder of our broom heads.  Designed like a rake but works like a broom. By pulling the arched bristles toward you, you get more surface contact, picking up dirt and debris that a traditional broom leaves behind, meaning less work for you!  We no longer carry the broom handles.


If you would like to purchase JUST the broom head, you can purchase them here and get your handle from any source that sells European threaded handles, such as or get a ACME to EURO tip adapter for a standard broom handle from the US.


The Renegade broom makes cleaning any surface incredibly easy, sweep up anything on any surface. As you sweep, the bristles flex and penetrate into the surface to remove dirt, dust and debris effortlessly. Be sure to watch the video on the right to see it in action. Extremely durable, yet lightweight and easy to handle. Adjustable, telescoping handle allows you to adjust the height to fit you. Makes short work of snow, wet leaves, grass, dirt, pine needles, mulch and even drywall dust. Works on concrete, bricks, decking, carpet, back of trucks, stones and even grass. We'll have you saying "I like my brooms curved" in no time. The Broom is 45cm (18 inches) wide. What others are saying: "Just used this broom in my garage doing some spring cleaning after a long cold winter in Michigan. Great broom! The "pulling" motion this broom is designed for is very effective at collecting the dirt and debris and helped keep the dust down too. Telescoping handle is convenient. I recommend this broom!" -Ashley "I purchased this broom/rake from a German company a few years ago and was afraid I would not be able to replace it. However, here is the identical product from a different supplier at a less expensive price. I have synthetic turf in both my front and back yards and this is a must have tool around the yard. You can use is in many applications, syn. turf, real grass, concrete and dirt. Try it. You won't regret it." -Dennis

Renegade-Curved Bristle Broom-Head ONLY!!