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My favorite feature of the Handy Camel clip is the handle. It not only works easily to carry heavy bags, but also allows you to hang it up when not in use. We use multiple bags of both charcoal and pellets and never use a full bag all at once. This tool allows us to quickly seal and store a partial full bag of goods without worrying about spilling or tipping it over. Before the Handy Camel bag clip we used tape, string or just rolled up the bags as tight as we could.


2012 American Royal BBQ champs Shiggin’ & Grinnin’

I am the Virginia State Record holder of the biggest giant pumpkin ever grown in the state of Virginia – 1138 lbs in 2007 and I still hold the record. I own Blue Ridge Organics. I think the Handy Camel is a great product and use it all the time. I grow competitive fruits and vegetables. So I obviously go through a lot of fertilizer and treatments that all come in large bags. So the Handy Camel is a real lifesaver when it comes to storage and handling! How reliable is the product? We’re yet to have one break! And we put them to the test daily.



I wanted to let you know I did receive both clips last week and I must say, they work terrific. It’s so easy to take a bag of sand and move it around after I was done with my patio. I filled in the cracks and with the remaining sand, I put your clip on and stored the bag in the garage. Not picking up a heavy bag to lug around was great. It was like moving a 10 lb. bag even though the bag I had left over was about 30 lbs. I also used it for my dog’s 25 lb bag of dog food. So easy now to take it from the pantry and fill his bowl. It’s a great tool which has made my work easier. Thank you for coming up with such an idea!



As a long time Professional Horse Groom, I’m no stranger to sweeping miles and miles of barn aisle.  Traditional brooms mean sweeping the same area again and again, with straw bristles that have a limited lifespan.  The amazing contoured and dense bristles of the Renegade Broom leave the barn spotless in half the time – or less. The broom is lightweight, thorough, and you only need one pass of the broom to collect even the tiniest pieces of dust and debris.  You can also easily move from mats to bricks to gravel with the broom and have the same amazing effects.  The Renegade broom also obliterates dust and cobwebs from corners and rafters with no problem. The Renegade Broom is a definite game changer in the barn!


Liv Gude