Simple Tips for First Time Inventors

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For all those that haven’t taken the chance to materialize the product idea in your head, now is one of the best times to make the move. Groups like inventor’s clubs, online inventor forums, and concepts like the one I am involved with, Make48, are all helping making inventors dreams less daunting. The latest equipment and technology are becoming so advanced and easy to use, there is a substantial resurgence in prototypes being created and products heading to market.

Ready to make the move? Here as some tips to consider on your idea for the first time inventors:

Do not engage a professional to build your prototype until you have built several yourself. Many prototypes don't work how you originally planned for. When you are ready to license your invention or start crowdfunding it, you will need a professional working prototype. Until then, you need to know your idea will indeed work as you want it. Find friends or mentors within the community that have access to 3D printers and CNC machines. Often having an inventor "buddy" makes things much more enjoyable. Schools and colleges are also investing more in the latest equipment and the students are becoming extremely knowledgeable about these products, there is a great resource right there.

When you start putting your invention on paper, make sure that you can explain your product and be able to demonstrate it easily if it gets to market. The biggest struggle is educating the end consumer on what your product is and how it works. Often at trade shows you get a great response from those kind enough to stop and watch your life changing innovation. However, when sitting on a retail shelf you will not have the liberty to demo to each speed walker heading to the next isle on a mission.

So before you dive into your idea and begin the process of turning it into reality, find mentors that have done it before you and have the experience you need to learn from. They are full of knowledge and often glad to help point you in the right direction. Find a local inventor club or search the LinkedIn on people within your chosen category.

Good luck and go for it!

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