Spring has Sprung: Here's a checklist to keep you on task

spring garden checklist

Today we have a special guest blogger, Ann Sanders from A Green Hand https://agreenhand.com/ giving us some advice on our springtime gardening tasks.

Are you ready to see your garden bloom? Ready to smell fresh flowers all around? Do you want your spring garden to make others envious? You need a complete checklist in your hand to prepare yourself for the entire spring.

We generally divide the spring into three breaks – early spring, mid-spring and late spring. The gardening differs in every spring break. Therefore, you need to plan accordingly to make your garden look colorful and green.


It begins in the month of March and you have many ways to keep your garden healthy and ready to welcome the spring flowers. So what you need to do?

- Clear all the mulches from the crown of perennials, and the places where bulb grows. Now work a little in the top layer of the soil, put some manure and leaf mold as well.

- Cut back all dead stems of your perennial plants.

- Plant all bare-root plants as soon as the soil is ready to sow.

- If you have, forsythia and magnolia in your garden then check for signs of growth. Why? Because if you have not planted snow crocus last fall – then cut all the forsythia and magnolia branches to get a dose of early spring color from those plants.

- Remove all kind of protective covering from plants like burlap.

- Early spring is the right time to prune fruit trees. You must prune them before they break to bloom.

- This is the time when you can plant vegetables in your gardens such as onion, potatoes, and artichokes as they are hardy vegetables and lasts longer.


April is the ideal time to introduce new seeds and varieties into your garden. Simultaneously, apply some lawn fungus control to ensure better health of the new plants.

- Summer blooming shrubs such as hydrangea need to be cut or pruned now.

- Divide all the summer and fall blooming perennials in your garden. You can share some with your friends as well.

- It’s the time to plant all perennials, shrubs, and trees.

- Take down all the bird feeders, clean them and put them away until the fall sets in.

- Mulch now, you'll save yourself from weeding later.

- Vines like wisteria or climbing roses should be pruned now to see them bloom by late spring.


The time has arrived to enjoy the spring show. You need to carry on with certain tasks from the mid-spring, but you'll have some color peeping from the bulb heads slowly. What will complete your checklist?

- Let the foliage on bulbs die out there itself, do not try to remove them, this feeds the bulbs for next year's show.

- Prune the spring flowering plants as soon as they bloom to keep them healthy.

- Watch for any pests such as aphids.

- Continue weeding at regular intervals to keep your plant healthy.

Finally, if you have ponds in your lawn, clean them up to match the décor of your garden in the spring. Clean and organize your garden tools so that you are ready for action any time. Ready to hit the garden this spring? Be sure to keep this checklist near for when your attending to the garden next time.

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