Meet the Heel Seal...A winning new way to keep your drains clear

Drain Cover

Do you ever look for better ways to do things? Ever find yourself thinking...I know if I were designing a product, I'd want to include this feature and this feature?

Well, meet the brainchild of an inventor couple who thought the same things during a 48-hour invention competition and documentary TV series called Make48. They came up with a better way to keep your drains clear called the Heel Seal. Sadie was tired of using harmful drain clearing chemicals or disgusting drain snakes. Tumi knew there could be a better solution if they just put their minds together.

Inventors of the Heel Seal

What makes the Heel Seal unique is that it's silicone ring is designed to create a Perfect Seal around your drain, eliminating movement, while allowing water to still flow through. The product works best on a smooth surface, like a stainless steel sink in the kitchen, but can also be used in smooth showers.

Why is it called the "Heel Seal"? Well, during the competition it was called the "Drain Hair-o" but it was thought to limit customer's thoughts on ways to use the product. It's great for the kitchen as well to eliminate debris going down the drain. And since you use the heel of your hand or the heel of your foot to seal it, they thought the Heel Seal was the perfect name for it.

The now married couple was only just engaged when they entered the Make48 competition. Talk about testing your relationship! You can read more about their experience here and watch all the episodes of Season 1 of Make48 documenting their journey and what it takes to get your ideas to market at Click here to purchase a Heel Seal now on Amazon and support these amazing innovators!

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