Fundraising with the Bag Clip

Originally created in 2015 by Tom and Amy Gray, the Handy Camel manufactures products they license from inventors and designers, including the popular Bag Clip. The company's origins began after they sold their company in Australia and needed a new product for the USA. Due to their experience in the product industry (both Australia and the US) the Grays were often presented products from inventors, as well as from product companies from around the world.

They had been presented the bag clip by a New Zealand company who liked the product, but couldn't take on the German invention. Tom and Amy saw the potential and a need for a product like this and decided to license the clip. Previously a sheep farmer in New Zealand, Tom moved his farming operations to the States where their family raise sheep, beef, and chickens. The bag clip was a perfect fit for them on a personal level, living and working on a farm with large bags of farm animal feed, pet food and gardening supplies, and knew others would need the product as well.

Their company got even busier recently, when they decided to offer a private label version of the bag clip (minimums required). It has proved successful and now they offer clubs and organizations the opportunity to purchase the bag clips wholesale to fundraise with. Custom printing has been a great way to make the bag clip memorable. Their latest fundraising push has been with various 4-H clubs nationwide. It's been a perfect fit!

The Bag Clip is locally manufactured in Kansas City. They’re great for bags such as bird feed, farm feed, cat litter, snow/ice melt, wood pellets and so much more. The bag clip's unique design makes carrying, pouring and storing a breeze. It will quickly became an everyday product you use.

If you're interested in fundraising with the bag clip visit their site for more information. Available to schools, businesses and sport teams, custom printing your logo is a great way to make the bag clip memorable.

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